Top 15 Puzzle Shirts for Puzzle Lovers Across the Globe

Top 15 Puzzle Shirts for Puzzle Lovers Across the Globe

Calling all nerds, geeks, and thoughtful people everywhere: Are you a fan of jigsaw puzzles? (After all, who can resist a good brain teaser)?

Or do you want to support autism awareness? Either way, we have a puzzle shirt for you!

The puzzle piece symbol is used to represent the complex neurological differences that affect how autistic people perceive the world and interact with it. It’s also a sign that you love solving mysteries!

Top 15 Puzzle Shirts

Jigsaw Puzzle T-Shirt


Come solve it, Puzzle Master! You are the Jedi of jigsaws!

This colorful design can be printed on several different colors just like all of our T-shirts. Choose from youth, women’s, unisex, long-sleeve, and sweatshirt styles. You can also get it on a tote bag.

Teachersaurus T-Rex Puzzle Day T-Shirt


The Teachasaurus Rex is the ruler of the late Cretaceous with a passion for teaching others. This is no ordinary dinosaur – this one reveals the mysteries of science, history, and more. Did you know that these saurians only had two fingers? We wonder if this would’ve slowed down their jigsaw puzzle-solving.

Autism Awareness T-Shirt


People who aren’t autistic are sometimes puzzled by those who are. But love is the bridge to understanding. And even if we lack comprehension, we can all appreciate and respect the complexity of others.

Father And Son Autism Awareness T-Shirt


The World Health Organization estimates that one in every 100 children is autistic. That means that any dad has a chance of raising an autistic son. It’s not a tragedy but an opportunity to embrace differences and truly love and support another human being.

As with all of our t-shirts, we have a rapid turnaround time. It’s printed and out the door within 1 to 2 business days. If you have any questions, contact us by email for a rapid response.

Nurse Autism Awareness T-Shirt


Now more than ever, we need our nurses! They are often undervalued but are a key piece to the puzzling challenges of healthcare.

This intricate design represents how even though nurses are extra busy, they are in tune with the needs of the patients and full of kindness.

Autism Awareness Nurse Doctor T-Shirt


There are autistic doctors and doctors with autistic patients. And since medical personnel come in all sizes, this t-shirt comes in extra-small through 4XL. Choose from black, white, royal blue, navy, green, maroon, green, natural, and sport gray colors.

Jigsaw Puzzle Player Shirt


Are you a hard-core player? Is there always a jigsaw in progress on your table? Then show your love wherever you go with this t-shirt. Wear it and bond with other puzzle masters when they see your love for solving enigmas.

Embrace Differences T-Shirt 


Contrary to popular belief, autistic people do not have a magnetic attraction to dinosaurs. But they are a goldmine for people who love to collect information. There’s no lack of variety – there are all sorts of different dinosaurs to learn about! Just as autistics appreciate the differences between theropods and sauropods, we can embrace them, too.

Love Needs No Words T-Shirt


Did you know that about 40% of autistic people are nonverbal? They use alternative communication methods like sign language, pre-printed cards, and speech-generating devices. As you might imagine, this can feel limiting for everyone. But of course, there are no words needed to express love.

Brother of A Warrior T-Shirt


His brother is a fighter. He could be an active military, a vet, or someone battling cancer. In the end, it doesn’t matter, because they are all warriors. It takes courage every day to face down challenges and follow our dreams.

His brother could be autistic. That requires more bravery than you know. In the world wasn’t designed for your success, every day is a fight to survive.

Get him the shirt and support him in all he hopes to do.

Jigsaw Heart Puzzled T-Shirt


Do you know why the puzzle pieces are different colors? It’s because they represent a spectrum of things affected by autism. You might also see a rainbow-colored infinity symbol used for autism awareness.

Here the heart unites the pieces just as love unites people. It symbolizes including everyone. 

If you find this reminder helpful, it comes as a t-shirt and a tote bag. Although the tote bag is only available in black or natural colors, the t-shirt comes in 8 colors in total.

You Will Never Walk Alone T-Shirt


Success and money are nice, but what really matters is that little hand holding yours. When you see the trust and affection they give you, all you want to do is take care of them. Help them remember that they will always have your support.

Autism Mom T-shirt


Aren’t all moms frazzled sometimes? Kids are puzzling to adults whether or not they are autistic! 

Remind them that you have mad problem-solving skills with this fun t-shirt. It comes in a women’s cut tailored for curves, but feel free to relax in the sweatshirt, long sleeve, or unisex styles.

Tiny Human Whisperer T-Shirt


That’s what we do – we communicate in a way that seems magical to those who just don’t understand. If you have a knack for getting through to little ones, this shirt’s for you. 

Teachers love this t-shirt, too.

Autistic Deal With It T-Shirt


Autistic people live in a world that wasn’t designed for them. Most have sensitivities to things like bright light and loud sounds. They try to adapt by wearing sunglasses and headphones. Sometimes, they tire of explaining why they do things. This t-shirt comes in handy as it proclaims the reason why the wearer might be acting differently from others. 

Someday, we hope to live in a world where people can be themselves without explanation. In the meantime, this shirt comes with a tag-free collar to eliminate at least one irritation.


T-shirts are like a personal billboard, aren’t they? You can find a t-shirt and tote bag in our store for almost any message you want to convey. Today we showed you all of our top tees for puzzle solvers, jigsaw masters, and raising autism awareness. With a wide range of sizes, styles, and colors, there’s a gift for everyone on your list. Pick your favorites and we’ll ship them with a tracking number for free.

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