The 12 Best Easter Day T-Shirt Design with a Cute Bunny

The Best Easter Day T-Shirt Design with a Cute Bunny

Easter is a special time of year for friends and family to celebrate and spend quality time with one another. It’s fun to enjoy Easter egg hunts and eat special treats. Now is the perfect time to find the best Easter Day t-shirt design with a cute bunny that will help you celebrate!

The Best Easter Day T-Shirt Design

Leopard Easter Bunny T-Shirt


This Easter Day, add a little wildness to your wardrobe. Stand out from the crowd with a unique twist on the traditional pastel bunnies of springtime. This playful design features a leopard-patterned bunny wearing a pink bow atop her head and sporting an equally pink fluffy tail. 

The soft cotton fabric and classic cut of this shirt make it a comfortable addition to any attire. Be unforgettable by adding some leopard-inspired flair to your outfit!

Easter Bunny Nurse T-Shirt


Surprise your favorite nurse with a gift on Easter. This fun t-shirt has an adorable design featuring a smiling bunny outlined by a pink stethoscope. It’s a nice way to express your support and help them celebrate the Easter season.

Moreover, we can print this design on different colors and styles of shirts. Our shirt colors include white, black, maroon, sport gray, Irish green, navy, and royal blue. The styles include youth, women’s, unisex, long sleeve, and sweatshirts. As you can see, there’s something for everyone!

Every Bunny’s Favorite Teacher T-Shirt


There are always teachers that you’ll remember forever. This adorable design will bring a smile to their faces. Not only is it a cheerful and thoughtful gift, but it’s also made to last.

Our shirts are sewn with double-needle stitching and made with breathable yet durable cotton and cotton blends. Our printing process uses vibrant ink that is fade-resistant, too.

Easter Day T-Shirt, Chocolate Bunny Tote Bag


This hilarious t-shirt design is an easy way to spread Easter cheer! Wear it and make everyone laugh with the two chocolate bunnies that have clearly been partaking in some holiday treats. One bunny’s tail has been eaten and he says, “My butt hurts.” Meanwhile, the other one, missing his ears, replies with an incredulous, “What?”

If you’re finding it hard to pick just one Easter T-shirt, don’t worry. We offer free shipping on orders over $100. That will leave you wiggle room in your budget!

Easter Bunny T-Shirt, Dabbing Bunny


Be the life of the party this Easter with our exclusive purple bunny dabbing t-shirt! Enjoy all that the holiday has to offer in our soft yet sturdy shirt that won’t shrink in the wash. Make it a memorable celebration for years to come by rocking this vibrant tee!

If you’re in a hurry to get it, we process orders in 2 business days or less. Plus, we offer a free tracking number so you’ll know when your Easter Bunny T-shirt is coming.

Happy Easter T-Shirt


Look at those perky ears peeking out! Someone wants to wish you a Happy Easter!

If you love this design, you can also get it printed on a tote bag. We have black and natural-colored canvas bags that are sturdy and washable. They are just the right size to hold your Easter treats.

Happy Easter Bunny Truck T-Shirt


Somebody hitched a ride on the farmer’s truck. This bunny dove face-first into the Easter eggs and crunchy carrots. You can see his cute little paws and tail hanging out the back.

Or at least that’s what most people might think. However, we know the real story. The Easter Hare is a story from German folklore. Similar to Santa Claus, he judged whether children were naughty or nice. Then he brought gifts of colored eggs, candy, and toys for the good children.

Most likely, this Easter bunny is simply checking the back of his pickup to make sure he has enough goodies for all the nice kids!

Hangin’ With My Bunnies T-Shirt


It’s pretty much obligatory to eat at least one Peep on Easter. The sweet marshmallow candy comes in various shapes like yellow baby chicks and pink bunnies. But we’ve never seen such colorful Peeps like these guys!

Indulge yourself with a fun t-shirt this Easter. It’s a low-calorie option to celebrate the season!

If you’re not sure what size to get, check the images on the product page. They give precise dimensions for the shirts when laid flat. So if you have a favorite t-shirt, just measure it and compare the numbers to the size chart.

Hip Hop Easter, Easter Bunny T-Shirt


Here is a catchy design that’s sure to draw attention. It’s cute, and colorful, and has an adorable rabbit. What more could you want for Easter? (Okay, more chocolate is a given!)

I’m The Easter Bunny April Fool’s T-Shirt


Hmm, there’s something sketchy about this bunny. We think it’s a raccoon in disguise! Could it be that he just wants some Easter candy?

As it happens, Easter sometimes falls on April Fool’s Day. That fact lets this shirt do double duty.

Happy Easter Rainbow T-Shirt


Here’s a whimsical rainbow the likes of which you’ve never seen before. The bunny liked it so much that he snuggled right up to it. We love those charming little feet!

Get yourself into the spirit of Easter and express good wishes to all around you when you wear a cute shirt like this. Even if Easter is a little chilly this year, we’ve got you covered. We have sweatshirts and long sleeve tees, too.

Happy Easter Bunny T-Shirt


Can you feel the positive vibes? “Hoppy” Easter to everyone!  May your eggs be brightly colored! And may your jellybeans always be your favorite flavors!

If you have any questions about our products for your order, contact us. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


We hope you’ve enjoyed our best Easter Day t-shirt designs with cute bunnies!  Get one—it’s sure to be a hit with your friends and family! We have colors, styles, and sizes for everyone. These shirts also make great gifts for family and friends!

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