13 Funny April Fools’ Pranks to Try This Year

Funny April Fools' Pranks

April Fools’ Day has murky origins, but historians have theories as to its beginning. One popular belief is that the holiday began during the 16th century in France. When Pope Gregory XIII implemented the new Gregorian calendar, it moved the start of the year from April 1st to January 1st. Those who still celebrated New Year’s in April were referred to as “fools”, and this led to a tradition of pranks and jokes.

Some of the earliest gags included hanging a paper fish on someone’s back. It meant you were a gullible person, an easily hooked fish. About a century later, people in Scotland started their own prank tradition. One was sending people out to hunt for “the gowk”, or cuckoo bird. Another involved pinning fake tails and “kick me” signs on people’s bottoms.

If you’re looking for jokes to fool your friends and family this year, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got thirteen funny April Fools pranks for you to try.

Prank #1: The Secret Swap

Here is a classic prank to pull in the kitchen. Go look in the fridge in the pantry and round up bottles and boxes of similar sizes and shapes. Preferably choose food that will be consumed that day.

For example, sometimes jars of Nutella and mayonnaise have similar shapes. Or a plastic tub of ice cream might be similar to a container of sour cream. Of course, cans of soup all look the same except for the label. And it’s the label that’s the key.

The secret swap includes carefully peeling off labels and switching them between containers. Or you can open boxes of cake mix and swap the bags inside between them. Glue everything back together and get ready to giggle when the Hershey’s syrup turns out to be ketchup!

Prank #2: Surprise Message

If you’re crunched for time this is a quick and easy prank. Partially unroll the toilet paper or paper towels in the kitchen and use a marker to leave a funny message. Carefully roll the paper back up and imagine their surprise when they see it.

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Prank #3: Why Won’t It Work?

This won’t fool tech-savvy folks for long, but it’s still fun for harmless mischief. Take a screenshot of the person’s device and leave it open full-screen. When they return to use it, they will be baffled why their electronics have locked up suddenly.

Prank #4: Topsy Turvy

Were you ever one of those kids that lay on your back and wondered what it would be like to walk on the ceiling? Let’s find out what it’s like. You’ll need to have the house to yourself for a while to prepare this prank.

The easiest version is to turn all small objects upside down. This includes books on bookshelves, pictures on walls, etc. If you want to go all-out, we’ve heard of people securing furniture to the ceiling!

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Prank #5: Involuntary Diet

Sometimes, Easter and April Fools’ Day are close together. If so, you’ve got the makings for a fun and easy prank. All you need are foil-wrapped chocolate eggs and grapes. Simply peel the foil off the candy and wrap the grapes instead. Now someone will have nutritious treats!

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Prank #6: Stop Looking At Me

If you can get a bunch of googly eyes, put them on everything in the bathroom. Just imagining the results is enough to make anyone giggle.

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Prank #7: PEBKAC

It’s an acronym for “problem exists between the keyboard and the chair”. Or in this case, it’s the mouse. Stymie your coworkers and family with this little trick. Cover up the mouse sensor with dark tape or a small piece of paper. It’s sure to induce massive frustration!

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Prank #8: Eew! Eek!

How gross do you want to get? You can put coffee grounds in the toilet tank for brown water in the bowl. Or you can go scary and use red food coloring instead.

Prank #9: Instant Entomophobia

If you have fake plastic or rubber bugs or don’t mind cutting them out of paper, you’re all set for this prank. Tape them inside the lampshade. When the light comes on, it’s instant creepy crawly time!

Prank #10: No Cents At All

This hilarious stunt involves gluing a coin to the sidewalk, then watching as unsuspecting people attempt to pick it up with no success. It’s an oldie but goodie that never fails to get a few laughs. To make sure you pull off this prank flawlessly, make sure you use super glue or a similar adhesive that will dry fast. It’s also key that you choose an area with plenty of foot traffic for maximum entertainment value.

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Prank #11: Are You Going To Drink That?

For this joke, you need access to a sterile cup like the kind the doctor uses to collect urine. Fill it with apple juice then sip on it throughout the day. To maximize the shock value, bring along chocolate oatmeal drop cookies.

Prank #12: Bored Of The Rings

This one’s even funnier if you’ve got a fair number of followers. Go live with your phone pointed at something like a bare wall in a quiet room. Then wait for the comments to roll in as people guess what’s going on!

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Prank #13: Mass Delusion

One of the world’s best pranks happened in 1976. A famous astronomer announced that the Jovian-Plutonian gravitational effect would make gravity just a bit weaker when the planets aligned. He said that if a person jumped at exactly the right moment they could float. Can you picture all the people leaping into the air? How many were fooled by this hoax? More importantly, how can you turn this into a personalized prank?


April Fools’ Day is a great holiday to let loose and have a little fun. With the right t-shirt, you can keep the spirit of April Fools alive all year round. Be sure to share your favorite prank with your friends and family! Whether it’s a classic joke or something creative, everyone loves a good laugh!

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