About Us

Welcome to RedHotTee!

This is where you can get cheap, trendy t-shirts customized for the perfect fit and color. We print tees and tote bags on premium fabric and ship them to you in a flash.

We have exclusive designs from artists around the world. These are t-shirts you won’t see anywhere else. They come in inclusive sizes from XS to 4XL. Choose from unisex, long-sleeve, women’s fitted, youth, and sweatshirt styles. Almost every design can be printed on different colors including and beyond the essential black and white.

It’s a good thing that our high-quality tees and totes are budget-friendly. Once you start browsing the diverse design collections, it’s tempting to fill up the shopping cart. And since our catalog is always growing and changing, it’s smart to snatch up the t-shirts you love before they’re gone.
Since we’re a print-on-demand business, we cut way down on waste. It’s not just savings for you and us, but also for the planet.

If you have questions, hit us up at [email protected] And if you’ve got a great idea for a Red Hot Tee or tote bag, we’d love to see it. Maybe your design will be featured on our front page.